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What is the definition of Grade A office building?

Office Building is being categorized based on the building design, accessibility and building intelligence features. The Grade A Office Building will be having the feature of grand entrance lobby with secure turnstile access systems, exclusive courtyard podium with comprehensive fire and security systems, convenient access within the office building, efficient lifts to floor ratio, broadband ready, multi-storey car park, and exceptional connectivity within the heart of city centre.

What are the main features of green building index (GBI)?

The main features of office building that compliant with Green Building Index (GBI) include having a double-glazed window to reduce the heat transfer to the building, using energy-saving light sources, using high-efficiency chiller air-conditioning system to reduce electrical energy consumption, employ water-conserving sanitary fittings, as well as having ambient heat and noise control.

What are the key offerings for MSC Malaysia Cybercentre?

MSC status appeals to corporate offices because it provides highly sophisticated telecommunications and power infrastructure. MSC Cybercity and Cybercentre status have become more prominent due to its infrastructure which allow companies located within to be self-sufficient. The key offerings for MSC Malaysia Cybercentre are as follow:

• Infrastructure – Provide world-class physical infrastructure
• Knowledge Workers – Unrestricted employment of foreign knowledge workers
• Ownership – Freedom of ownership
• Capital & Borrowings – Freedom to source for borrowings and capital globally
• Financial Incentives – No corporate income tax up to 10 years or investment tax allowance up to 5 years. No duties on the importation of multimedia equipment
• IP Protection – Intellectual property protection and cyber laws
• Censorship – No internet censor ship
• Telco Tariff – Globally competitive telecommunication tariffs
• Infra. Tenders – Tender MSC infrastructure contracts
• One-Stop Agency – MDeC as the one-stop agency